Private Label Hypnosis


     Hypnosis is becoming a more widely accepted non-pharmacological modality for facilitating health and well-being. Whether your clients are working on weight loss, exercise, motivation, hot flashes, creative flow/expression, smoking cessation, fear of flying, to stop drinking, release stress and anxiety, sleeping well, release fear, TMJ, migraines or other health issues, overall health and well-being, and more; iThrive Hypnosis is your resource to offer your clients a high quality and professional hypnosis session delivered on an mp3 player ready to use after charging. Your logo/picture or iThrives; it’s your choice.


     Karen Moulder has a B.S. in Communication Studies and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Certified Neurolinguistics Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Reconnective Practitioner with clinical experience working with thousands of clients successfully for a wide variety of issues. Karen now produces high quality Private Label Hypnosis Sessions for: Organizations, Retreats, Health and Wellness Centers, Resorts, Hotels, Health Spas, Massage Centers, Fitness Centers, Sports Clubs, Weight Loss Centers, Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors, Corporate Business’ and Groups of all types and goals. Hypnosis Sessions are delivered on an mp3 player with the title and your logo/picture. incl: earbuds and USB cable, in metal box. Instructions included. (50ct min.)


  • Karen Moulder B.S. CHt, NLP, RM is also available to introduce your group/retreat/clients to the wonderful benefits of hypnosis. Fees and travel arrangements TBD.