Just what I needed

Excellent session. Karen has helped me reach several important goals (including weight loss) in a very short time. It's just what I needed. Thank you.



I've had just 3 sessions with Karen, but already seeing benefits. I'm more calm, lost 5 pounds and are noticing important eating habit changes taking place. Karen Moulder has a wonderful voice and powerful suggestions to shape a new you. -Judy


Well worth it!

Karen does an excellent job listening to comments and concerns to help identify goals, so she can weave the correct language into the induction and the session.


I am a skeptic by nature

Karen Moulder was recommended to me by my primary care physician at OHSU to help with my fear of flying. I was a skeptic. The first change I noticed was in the quality of sleep and I gained an hour plus each night. When our next trip rolled around, without consciously thinking about it, I found my bags packed the night before sitting next to the back door and although I wasn't trying to board the plane early, I wasn't anxious. Part one


I went to try hypnosis and I was a bit anxious about the experience. Well, I did not need to be. I was immediately made comfortable by Karen Moulder. She gently guided me through the experience and I enjoyed it immensely. I was given an MP3 and a cd so I could replay the session so it assists me with my goals. I signed up for 3 sessions which is a great value. I would definitely encourage others to try this method to achieve any of life goals such as stopping smoking or weight loss


An awesome session

Karen is simply the best, she always listens to your needs. Very easy to work with, and I always have great results. THANK YOU!



I didn't know if hypnosis would help me with my over-eating, but not only am I losing weight (effortlessly) I have quit drinking (something I've wanted to do for years, but couldn't make stick) and addressing the stress issues in my life. Karen is an excellent therapist. I'm so grateful...


An excellent experience

Karen, was so good to work with ,she listened to my needs and goals. I was having a lot of stress and anxiety, due to the loss of my wife. After the session and the cd in only a few days I started feeling better.A big thanks too Karen.


Life-changing habit

I was heavy nail-biter for 30+ years and went in expecting zero improvement (cynical!). After just 1 session and listening to the audio recording of that session for a couple weeks, I no longer bite my nails anymore. Very hard to believe that I could get rid of a 30 year old addiction in 90 minutes!!! Very, very grateful... I will remember this session and the results for the rest of my life. THANK YOU!


The Best

It was nice to have the one on one with a small business. It felt very comfortable. I mentioned to my grandson what I was doing, and he also wanted to go. It was nice that he felt good enough to have his girlfriend attend also. I loved the experience and would recommend to anyone.


Wonderful program!

After three sessions I was able to lose thirty pounds. I'm still losing weight and (mostly) sticking to the plan. One of the best things about this program is that you never feel deprived of the food you love. Karen's suggestions while she has you in the hypnotic state make you not even think about eating foods that are bad for you. I never thought I would crave vegetables, but now I do.


So grateful!

I went to Karen a few weeks ago. I hadn't slept through the night in over a year and a half, I had no self confidence or self esteem, I was always nervous or worried and had high anxiety. After one session, there was a notable difference. I have slept through the night, every night I used the recording and I have had no anxiety attacks. I can't wait until my next appointment! :)


Better than expected

I was pretty nervous to try Hypnosis thinking I wouldn't be able to relax enough. Karen Moulder was excellent in helping me feel comfortable! It's only been a couple days but I already feel different and have been making better choices for weight loss. Looking forward to my next appointment.


Life Changing

Hypnosis has been the single best thing I have ever done for myself. The results I'm seeing are nothing short of life changing. I'm losing weight - with no struggle at all -- And the positive choices are spilling over in to all areas of my life -- it's not about losing weight anymore -- it's about living my best life. Karen Moulder is an excellent therapist. The more I trust her (and I do) the better the results. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you!



I feel very empowered inspirational from Karen I look forward to my results and more appointments, felt nervous at first but relaxed after awhile, was great!!


Very positive and successful.

Completed the weight loss program with Karen and am so pleased with the outcome. Karen is helpful and so positive in her encouragement both "under" and face to face. I am sure I can continue to meet my weight loss goals.

Excellent experience and results

I just had my first session with Karen and I could see the changes I was hoping for immediately. The session was so relaxing, and although I was going for another reason, the session also cleared my head for dealing with the stress of my job. The recording of the session is invaluable and I'm using it every day. I am excited about the shift in my thinking. I highly recommend...


What I hoped for

I have had only one session, so far, with Karen and am feeling good about what is happening with my weight loss. She is very knowledgeable about food choices as well as being a very approachable technician. I appreciate her positiveness and I feel confident that she can help me with my weight loss goals! Looking forward to our net session.


A+++ Service, Karen is the Real Deal!

I've seen several hypnotists in my life. Karen is the best. She wonderfully understanding & the perfect person for you to see. She can help in any area of your life whether it is Pain Control, Weight Loss, Stopping Smoking or even motivation. Do you need more self confidence Karen can help. The cost is very reasonable for what you get. If you need help in any area of your life Please do yourself a favor & see Karen. I am very satisfied.



Multiple areas addressed

I am pleased with my sessions with Karen. She was able to address multiple areas, e.g., weight loss, sleep issues, impatience, etc. Although I signed up for weight loss sessions, I got much more. I'm expecting to experience progress in all of these areas.


Life Changing

I came to quit smoking~ I have quit a few times before, but cigarettes were always on my mind! After my second session, I have never had to impulse to have a cigarette again~~it does not even cross my mind. . even when I am sitting across from someone smoking! I will NEVER smoke again---I am such a believer that I told my friend about it, and she went to quit too! I am headed back to Karen to work on my eating habits!



I wish I had done this years ago ... feeling optimistic and looking forward to our next session ... Karen's wonderful voice ... like a broadcast channeled through an Addison bakelite radio circa 1938


Great first visit

Karen provided the information that I needed and addressed all issues that I provided. I'm excited to see how I handle them in the future.


Not what I expected.

I was very relaxed with Karen. Was a little anxious but that left right after I walked in the door. Had a great experience. Thank you


Great session

The moment I walked in the door of the office, I knew I was in the "right" place! The environment is very comfortable and inviting with a nice outdoor space to view. Karen is kind, professional and made me feel very comfortable. I really look forward to the success I expect the have with my hypnosis cd and further sessions.


On my way to a pain free life

Karen is understanding of my situation and her hypnotic expertise is extensive. Her voice is very conducive to healing and total relaxation. I look forward to each session with her.


Continue to be successful

Thanks to my therapist, I have enjoyed success in losing weight, and I am feeling great. I receive so many compliments. Thank you, Karen, for your TLC as you work on my issues.


great results

I've gone for two different things. First to quit smoking, which was very successful!! No cravings or even a thought about smoking! The 2nd time I went was to lose 20 lbs. I'm in week two and already see a big difference. I'm extremely confident that my hypnosis will be successful!


Wonderful Experience with Karen

I worked with Karen... She was very caring and extremely helpful on my weight loss journey. I am losing weight slowly but consistently. I have some medications that block weight loss. Immediately, I felt no craving for chips or sweets. I feel better and more energetic than I have in a long time and am also sleeping better. Thank you Karen, I know I can come back at any time for further help.


Success is the truth.

My first session was on August 14th. Today is September 21st. I have lost 20 lbs thanks to the wonderful help received. It's not easy but with their help I have been able to get there. Thanks, Karen.



I had previously done every kind of diet plan program available and knew I was ready to take off the pounds this time. After my first session with Karen I was confident that the results I would achieve with hypnosis would be long lasting. Within my first week I was doing really well, had no cravings for any of my old "sweet treats" and was thrilled that I did not have to give up things like butter, mayo and peanut butter. I am eating smarter and healthier and feel great!


No cravings

I started last week with Karen. I have had no cravings for sweets or sodas, and an intense desire to drink water. Karen is very pleasant and very helpful with a lot of hints and handouts.