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  • Please read the directions for going into hypnosis located in the text of my pages as I will no longer include them in the session itself.

NEVER - listen to hypnosis while driving or operating machinery.

Hypnosis is passive; find a comfortable place to relax, push play and then let your mind wander to a relaxing place for you...and then allow it to go wherever it goes... You are safe.

  • My hypnosis sessions offer a variety of backgrounds which consist of music, brain entrainment, and sound elements that are designed to help your mind, body & spirit relax into a healing theta state.
  • There are sound clips so that you can hear the various combined elements and then choose the background you prefer. These background combinations along with some of the non-verbal sessions can be used for the background of your personal hypnosis session.


  • ***The site sessions are in the process of creation...  Sessions will upload as completed. :)
  • There is some great information on this site and I encourage you to read it and seek a hypnotherapist near you to work with or choose to work with me via phone or Zoom. You may book on this website or give me a call at 503-706-2733. Hypnosis is truly beneficial in so many ways for so many things. Thanks and have a wonder-full day. Karen


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